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When analyzing a webpage, I usually open these js files one after another and then read the source code to determine which file added a certain portion of html in the final rendered page. Is there an easy way / tool to solve this problem?

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No, there is not a tool to do such a thing. Understanding the code yourself or searching for specific key phrases in the HTML you're trying to source (such as a class name or tag name or piece of text) is the typical method.

It could work to grep for the common ways that the DOM is modified (.innerHTML property, .appendChild(), .insertBefore, etc... if it's plain javascript) or similar methods in whatever library is being used.

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Partially, you may use Firebug in Mozilla and, viewing the HTML tab, right click some tags and tick "break on child addition/removal". And then reload the page. Javascript execution will pause at any changing of DOM inside the chosen element.

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The same feature is available in Chrome's Developer Tools – Tibos Sep 23 '13 at 6:26

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