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I am giving user option to upload Images , and I want to do it with AJAX, as soon as user will select a file, jQuery will be used to call a method from my controller using the requestMapping

public void uploadContactImage(@ModelAttribute Contact contact){

What should be ideal returnType of this method as I am not trying to return anything to page, I just want this method to call a method which will do its task. If I use null, it assumes I am trying to return a uploadImage.jsp page,which does not exist.

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The best return type in your case is void which you're already using. Spring will asume the handler handled the response and needs no further processing. –  Bart Sep 23 '13 at 5:59

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You should use void type. Also you can mark your method with annotation @ResponseStatus(HttpStatus.NO_CONTENT) or @ResponseStatus(HttpStatus.OK)

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