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I'm using nodejitsu to deploy a simple image upload program with express. In my code I've changed the default upload directory by following command

        uploadDir: __dirname + "/images/tmp"

It's working fine on my localhost but when I'm using nodejitsu I'm getting this error

400 Error: ENOENT, open '/opt/run/snapshot/package/images/tmp/72118-89rld0.png.

Can anybody tell me how to make it work on nodejitsu as well? Actually I'm new to node as well as nodejitsu.

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Actually I got a work around. I revert the upload directory back to default by app.use(express.bodyParser()); and then move the images to where I want them to store by using fs.rename(oldPath, newPath, callback); –  sam100rav Nov 14 '13 at 6:01

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I had the same problem. Try to check directory at application start:

var fs = require('fs'),
  upload = __dirname + "/images/tmp";

  fs.exists(upload, function (exist) {
    if (!exist) {

It was helpful for me, may be it would helpful for you.

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make sure that directory /opt/run/snapshot/package/images/tmp/ exists. Otherways just mkdir those directory

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At first check that the directory exist or not. If not then create it and follow the command

sudo jitsu deploy

I think the problem will be solved.

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