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As we've started to work with iOS7 - and facing some issue during coding - i.e. how we can compare iPhone5 and iPhone 5S - So that we can check either the system is 32bit or 64bit and can use variables accordingly.

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just use NSInteger/NSUInteger/CGFloat – Bryan Chen Sep 23 '13 at 6:11

If you want to do this via compile time conditionals, there's a new "__arm64__" conditonal defined that is now available for 64-bit compiled code.

Presumably "__arm__" is what gets defined for 32-bit device code.

You'll also likely notice there's a new available architecture in Xcode alongside "armv6, armv7 and armv7s", that being "arm64".

So you could do something like this:

#ifdef __arm64__
    NSLog( @"we're running 64-bit");
    NSLog( @"32-bit iphone code");
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