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I have created a couple of Virtual Networks on my Azure account. All of them have point-to-site connectivity enabled. But I dont have any connections actively connected to the network. When I go to the "configure" page for eahc of these networks in the management portal, I see a message sayingthe network is in use and I am unable to delete these networks.

Why does this happen? How can I delete these networks?

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Apparently you also have created Gateways for these networks. You have to delete the gateway for the network first, before you are able to delete the network.

This particular part of online documentation describes how to delete a Virtual Network Gateway.

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I dont get "Delete gateway" option on the bottom menu because the network is in use –  Aadith Sep 23 '13 at 12:28
Gateway can be deleted from the "Dashboard" (main screen of the network), not "Configure" or other screens. And there must be no computers connected to it on the Point-to-site VPN. –  astaykov Sep 23 '13 at 20:17

The gateway and the virtual machines attached to the availability set. When you delete the virtual machine but don't delete the disk, you can restore it again.

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