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I'm trying to get x264 encoder to use multiple CPU cores.
I'm changing i_threads value in the x264_param_t structure. I've tried to set it to different values from 1 to 6 and I don't see any change in performance.

I'm using project with these flags:
./configure --cross-prefix=arm-linux-androideabi- --enable-pic --host=arm-linux

Is multithreaded encoding supported on ARM? Will it give me significant boost in performance on a 4 core CPU?

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I think it depends on your devices. if your device have 4-core, it should be boosted. – Gavin Sep 23 '13 at 13:51
It will always depend on the command line. If you have a filter chain that is not parallel friendly, then it probably will not. Most people don't take src == dst for resolution, bit depth, no filtering, not telecine, no audio, etc. – artless noise Sep 23 '13 at 14:21
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Turns out threading support was not enabled in my x264 Android build.
By default x264 configure script doesn't find pthreads library, because Android NDK doesn't include it as a standalone library.
As a workaround I've created an empty libpthreads.a to enable POSIX threads support in my build.

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