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I have develop a shell script which we used for health check of servers and then send it on email after every 8 hours.

Its working fine on 8 servers, now requirements are that how i can consolidate output of these eight servers?

Any recommendations?

like ftp all output in one folder and then send that files as attachments or any other approach?


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What do you want to do with the data? Why are you emailing it? Do you need all of it, or are there just a few interesting bits? – kielni Sep 23 '13 at 19:44

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  1. Split health-check and emailing into 2 different scripts.
  2. Run emailing on one of servers (after health-checks are complete on all servers)

To consolidate:

  • Easiest way would be to establish shared/NFS mount across all servers
  • Alternatively - configure ssh keys to passwordlessly grab output-files from other servers via scp
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