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I'm trying to modify this porfolio script here:

It uses urls like #entry-12 (using the index number of the element to deeplink the item) and I'd like to change it to #this-is-an-item


It sets the name here (which works fine)... now it's whatever.html#this-is-an-item

But now I need to change the behaviour when they link in from the URL (as it no longer works since it's still looking for the index number instead of a name).

     var deeplink = getUrlVars("#");

     if (deeplink[0].split('entry-').length>1) {
        var thmb = parseInt(deeplink[0].split('entry-')[1],0)+1;


I'm just not sure how to do the last part, so it looks for the data-event-id instead of the index?

<li class="item installation 2013-10-13" data-event-id="installation-opening-whispering-in-the-leaves"... </li>
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Could you post the HTML for $container? – Der Flatulator Sep 23 '13 at 9:39

Try this:

var deeplink = getUrlVars("#");
var $elem;
//         v--- this can be changed to .find('.item) if needed.
$container.children('.item').each(function() {
    // you can use .data(...) instead of .attr("data-...") 
    if ($(this).data("event-id") == deeplink[0])
        $elem = $(this);
if ($elem) {

Simply iterate over all the elements in $container with the class .item, and check if the data-event-id matches the one in the URL hash. If it does, store it, and do your operations afterwards.

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