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I am working on a sip client. I'm monitoring with wireshark the sip packets.

Register with the sip server works fine

When making a call I have this:

Client - INVITE message Server - 401 UNAUTHORIZED Client - INVITE message Server - 403 Forbidden

I do not have access to the server. What could go wrong? Why can't I make a call?

What is with that 401 and than 403 if registered worked ok?

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That is noramal. Server ask for authorization(401). After that it say authorization incorrect.

That is normal behavour for any of this:

1) You use incorrect secret for this username

2) You use domain name/realm which is incorrect and domain name/realm is set on server.

If registration work ok, can be

1) Server work with registration different way - contact server support

2) You dialling in incorrect format or this number not allowed to call with your extension.

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