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I'm using Moq to unit test my factory, and subsequent execution of it's product.

I have a ParameterAlgorithmFactory (returns the algorithms to calculate a report parameter as a IVisibilityParameterAlgorithm) and a method within the factory which calls Execute() on each of these.

In order to test this I have written a unit test like so:

//Verfiy that execute is called on all algorithms produced by factory
public void ParameterAlgorithmFactory_ReturnedAlgorithm_ExpectExceuteCalled()
    var mockFactory = new Mock<IParameterAlgorithmFactory>();
    var parameterAlgorithm = new Mock<IVisibilityParameterAlgorithm>();

    mockFactory.Setup(x => x.Create(LineType.Adjustment)).Returns(parameterAlgorithm.Object);

    new ReportParameters().CreateParameters(new DataSet(), mockFactory.Object);

    parameterAlgorithm.Verify(x=> x.Execute(new DataSet()));

As you can see I'm returning a mock algorithm (parameterAlgorithm) from my mock factory, which I then want to verfiy has had Execute() called.

However I am consistantly getting:

Moq.MockException: Expected invocation on the mock at least once, but was never performed: x => x.Execute(new DataSet())

even though I can debug and see the line being Execute()ed.

Perhaps I'm doing too much in my factory (returning an algorithm and executing it) or perhaps I'm using Moq in the wrong way?

Any feedback much appreciated on the cause of this test failure is appreciated.

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You should probably use It.IsAny<DataSet>() instead of new DataSet() - verification might be using reference equality for parameters instead of 'type'/stub equality. –  Patryk Ćwiek Sep 23 '13 at 9:49
Can you provide the details of ReportParameters.CreateParameters? Are you sure that you call Create with LineType.Adjustment as parameter? –  meilke Sep 23 '13 at 9:54
@PatrykĆwiek - It looks like It.IsAny<DataSet>() has done the trick! I'll read up on this aspect so I understand and use in the future. If you want to write this up as a answer I'll accept. –  m.edmondson Sep 23 '13 at 9:57
@m.edmondson Done! :) –  Patryk Ćwiek Sep 23 '13 at 10:03

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As I mentioned in the comments, you should use It.IsAny<DataSet>() instead of new DataSet() as a parameter for verification.

It seems that Moq compares references and not 'types', so you'll end up with failed verification. It.IsAny<DataSet>() is exactly what should be used here instead if you just want a stub parameter.

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