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I have a NSMutableDictionary inside another NSMutableDictionary how should i set a value inside the inner NSMutableDictionary, I have tried

[[PUser setObject:self.name forKey:@"profile"][@"name"];

but it gives subscript requires size of interface'NSString',which is not consistent with this architecture and platform error,any suggestions?

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The way to do it is to break it into individual lines that you can understand and debug -- fetch a pointer to the inner dictionary, then operate on that pointer on the next line. (Your above line is missing a ], by the way. Or perhaps more accurately, it has a [ it doesn't need.) – Hot Licks Sep 23 '13 at 11:30
(Don't use variable names starting with upper-case characters. Reserve that for class names.) – Hot Licks Sep 23 '13 at 11:31
(Did you try [PUser[@"name"] setObject:self.name forKey:@"profile"];?) – Hot Licks Sep 23 '13 at 11:35
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lets say your dictionary structure is like this :

mainDictionary = {
    "innerDictionary" = {

1) Now if you want to set value of for key "profile" which is inside innerDictionary then you can set it as follows:

[mainDictionary setValue:yourValue forKeyPath:@"innerDictionary.profile"];

2) if you want object to be saved then do this:

[[mainDictionary valueForKey:@"innerDictionary"] setObject:yourValue forKey:@"profile"];

Hope this will help you.

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Try with following code:

[[yourMainDic_Name objectForKey:@"innerDic_KeyName"] setValue:@"yourVlaue" forKey:@"KeyName"]; // you can also change as per your requirement to "setObject" instead of "setValue"
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You want to add New key to Existing Key then First use objectForKey:@"FirstKey" and Then set New Value and NewKey what you want.

[[Dic objectForKey:@"name"] setObjcet:self.name  forKey:@"profile"];
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NSMutableDictionary *dictmain,*dictsub; 

[dictmain setObject:dictsub forkey:@"dictsub"];

// This might be how a dictionary object added to another dictionary.

NSMutableDictionary *innerDict = [dictmain objectforKey:@"dictsub"];
[innerdict setObject:customObj forKey@"new key"];

// This will insert a new object to the inner dictionary. Also you can use setValue method.

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