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I have confusion that what is the differnce between the two ?

Cycle and circuit so please make me sure by diagrams if possible.

what i have in mind is that the cycle is always in undirected graph the circuit is always a directed graph. please correct me if i am wrong ?

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@ Adel Khayata Do you have answer for this question ? –  user234839 Sep 23 '13 at 11:05
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@blgt There is some difference , I found it finally.

The circuit is on directed graph and the cycle may be undirected graph. whereas the path can be differntiated by cycle and circuit by the point that path start from u vertex and may end at v vertex.(starting point and end point are not same) and it may even repeat the same vertex again but not the case with circuit. see this link for more information- http://www.esiee.fr/~coustyj/EnglishMorphoGraph/L3.pdf (i prefer to give the link in order to make it helpful for future refrence)

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There's no official and/or widely accepted definition of a difference between cycle and circuit.

Most literature I've seen uses them interchangeably; if it doesn't: you should expect it to define this somewhere in its glossary of terms (if it has one).

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