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I'm using JenkinsAPI. When I get job objects, the number of build objects that can be retrieved on a particular job is limited to 10 (the number of builds displayed in the rest api of a job is limited to 10). I think, it's not a jenkins version issue, because I have two more running jenkins instances (older and newer) and they work properly (don't limit the number). Unfortunately, I can't figure out what's the reason by comparing them.

So, how can I configure the number of builds displayed in the rest api of a job?

The Jenkins version: 1.491 The older one: 1.447.1 The newer one: 1.531

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If you're using the REST API and parsing XML output, you shouldn't have that kind of limitation.
On my server (version 1.564), I'm able to retrieve ALL jobs (~100):[name]

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