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I'm looking for a way to integrate CKEditor in my GWT project.

I've made some googling and found this project: which has been abandoned for years. So the CKEditor is completely outdated.

I've also seen the CKEditor being loaded outside of GWT into a textarea created in GWT. I'm not sure if that's a good way.

If someone could give me some advises, it would be highly appreciated. Thanks by advance

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You can use JSNI for activate the CKEditor. For loadning the javascript file, either you load this in the html page, or by using ScriptInjector and StyleInjector.

In GWT, create a componant :



public class CKeditor extends Composite implements TakesValue<String> {
  TextArea text = new TextArea();
  protected JavaScriptObject editor;

  public CKeditor() {

  protected void onAttach() {

  private native void initCKEditor(String id) /*-{ =  CKEDITOR.replace( id );

  public native void setValue(String value) /*-{;

  public native String getValue() /*-{;

It's a sample, add all config you want to set in CKEditor

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I'd also suggest ScriptInjector as it gives you a callback that the script has finally loaded and everything's fine.

Thereafter you have to use $wnd to address CKEDITOR properly and replace the textarea in native code:

  private native void initCKEditor(String id) /*-{ =  $wnd.CKEDITOR.replace( id );
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Patrice's answer was very helpful, however it initially did not work for me because TextArea text = new TextArea(); was creating a TextArea with no id field. To solve this I just manually added an id field with:


Also make sure you put the ckeditor folder in your war directory.

If you choose to link to it in your project_name.html file, add this line above the line that inserts your main ...nocache.js script:

<script type="text/javascript" src="ckeditor/ckeditor.js"></script>
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