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I want to ignore a specific error message for all my files but I want that other error messages for these files are not affected!

my error message looks like this:

Can not find the tag library descriptor for "/WEB-INF/da_taglib.tld"

and appears on this line in my JSP-files:

<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/da_taglib.tld" prefix="da" %>`

I searched in the preferences, but only found the option for disabling all error messages for certain files. (Window-> Preferences -> General -> Validation)

It would also be fine if i could disable the error group (Can not find the tag library descriptor for *)

Background: this error message appears because of a war-overlay. when i deploy it it works fine, but eclipse is not seeing the file, that's why the error appears.

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for projects:

(right click) Properties -> Validation -> JSP Syntax -> Directives -> Unresolvable URI or tagdir

for workspace:

Window -> Preferences -> Web -> JSP Files -> Validation -> Directives -> Unresolvable URI or tagdir
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worked for me! i set it to "warning". that way i can still see if something may be wrong with other URIs or tagdirs. –  Philipp Sander Sep 23 '13 at 13:19

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