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So I'm busy with my assignment, and I wrote a piece of code that works perfectly, but, its not ready yet. What I can figure out is how to use an array in a class. or how to get and set the items in the array, and where do I put the loop to prompt the user for the marks.

So I want to prompt the user to enter the assignment number and marks of 3 assignments, that is stored in the array and then output the assignment and the mark. I know it sounds stupid but it will help me understand arrays in classes.

My class is in an external file here it is

using namespace std;

    class assignments
            assignments(); // default constructor

            void setAssNum(int k); // mutator
            int getAssNum(); // accessor
            void setAssMark(double m); // mutator
            double getAssMark(); // accessor
            int AssNum;
            double AssMark;

        AssNum = 0;
        AssMark = 0.0;

    void assignments::setAssNum(int k)
        AssNum = k;
    void assignments::setAssMark(double m)
        AssMark = m;
    int assignments::getAssNum()
        return AssNum;
        double assignments::getAssMark()
        return AssMark;


And here is the main

int main()
    int AssNum;
    double AssMark;
assignments c;

cout <<"Enter Assignment Number: ";
cin >> AssNum;
cout <<"Enter Assignment Mark in Percentage: ";
cin >> AssMark;


        cout <<"The Mark for assignment "<< c.getAssNum() <<" is: " << c.getAssMark()<<"%";


I don't expect anyone to rewrite the code, would just like some clarity, how to use arrays in this context.

Thank you

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laughed at ass number –  Theolodis Sep 23 '13 at 12:30
have a look at example and tutorial on std::vector –  Max Sep 23 '13 at 12:31
I have to say that your variable names are; how to put it; a little funny :) –  Aamir Sep 23 '13 at 12:31
What's the question? –  HAL Sep 23 '13 at 12:32

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First you create a class containing one assignment, that is a bit like you have it now in your assignments class, just call it assignment instead

Then create a container for the assignments, this contains a vector or array with your assignments. e.g.

class assignments
  assignments() : m_assignments( new assignment[100] )
  ~assignments() { delete [] m_assignments; }
  assignment* m_assignments;

better is to use std::vector see #include <vector>

you would then need to add public methods to access the array like

assignment getAssignment(int i);
void setAssignment(int i, const assignment& ass); 

for instance

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