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I'm having trouble with the local build agent on teamcity - it can't register with the server. Remote agents are registering successfully. Here's the agent log, the server logs say nothing about it.

[2013-09-23 12:20:43,739]   INFO - buildServer.AGENT.registration - Registering on server http://localhost, AgentDetails{Name='name', AgentId=null, BuildId=null, AgentOwnAddress='null', AlternativeAddresses=[,], Port=9090, Version='27540', PluginsVersion='27540-md5-2b35d17be053845ad7c8e61930f772f0', AvailableRunners=[Ant, dotnet-tools-dupfinder, dotnet-tools-inspectcode, Duplicator, FxCop, gradle-runner, Inspection, Ipr, jb.nuget.installer, jb.nuget.pack, jb.nuget.publish, jetbrains.dotNetGenericRunner, jetbrains.mspec, jetbrains_powershell, JPS, Maven2, MSBuild, MSTest, NAnt, NUnit, rake-runner, simpleRunner, sln2003, VS.Solution], AvailableVcs=[perforce, mercurial, jetbrains.git, tfs, svn, cvs], AuthorizationToken=''} 
[2013-09-23 12:20:47,796]   WARN - buildServer.AGENT.registration - Call http://localhost/RPC2 buildServer.registerAgent3: Connection reset 
[2013-09-23 12:20:47,797]   WARN - buildServer.AGENT.registration - Connection to TeamCity server is probably lost. Will be trying to restore it. Take a look at logs/teamcity-agent.log for details (unless you're using custom logging). 

There are no relevant entries in the Event Viewer logs.

The teamcity agent is using the same version of Java as the server.

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Try to looks at the Agent log, not Server log. – Alexander Doroshenko Sep 23 '13 at 14:01
@AlexanderDoroshenko This is the agent log. – penguat Sep 23 '13 at 14:30

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Could be something with your host file if its trying to use localhost.

Try adjusting the Local Agent to connect to the same IP / Port that the remote agents are using and to set the Local Agent's IP to be that of the Machine.

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