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On my webshop's home I have 2 problems on iPad : 1) The menu works but the forms in it (connexion and contact) can't be filled 2) The divs with onclick event on them in a cycle (big pictures who scrolls) aren't clickables...

EDIT : - The problem occurs only on iOS 7, no problem on iOS 6. - Some sort of "zone" appears on the places unclickable when we maintain to copy. A very strange zone, like a div who don't exists and don't appears on iOS6 or desktop. See the picture : Here's the problem

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The problem is only under iOS7... not iOS6. – PatriceK Sep 23 '13 at 17:36

Problem solved ! The problem was due to an iframe for a pop up... It's without any problem on iOS6 and lower, on desktop too... But I have changed the popup by colorbox to avoid this problem on iOS7.

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