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I have collection with information about applications. Each document have field ver which holds version of application. Examples:

"" (they are strings)

First 3 digints is major version, and last number is build version. I wander, is there any way I can get group by major version of application?


Input collection:

{_id: ..., ver: ""}, 
{_id: ..., ver: ""}, 
{_id: ..., ver: ""}

Aggregation result:

 {ver:"1.0.0", count:2},
 {ver:"2.2.3", count:1}

P.S. I'd prefer solution with Aggregation Framework :)

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You can do it by using $substr operator. Following code will do what you want.

db.myCollection.aggregate({$group: {_id : {$substr : ["$ver", 0,5]}, count:{"$sum" : 1}}});

Response will be as follows :

  {"_id" : "1.0.0", "count" : 2},
  {"_id" : "2.2.3", "count" : 1}
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Good idea, and it is faster than regex. –  ixe013 Sep 23 '13 at 16:00

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