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In DCEF 1 (Delphi Chromium Embedded 1), I've used TChromium.Browser.SetFocus(True); to set focus of a browser window, but in DCEF 3 I can't find a way to set focus of this window.

Does anyone know how to set focus of a TChromium browser window in DCEF 3 ?

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Simply call SetFocus method of your TChromium object instance. The TChromium in DCEF 3 listens for the WM_SETFOCUS which is sent as a consequence of a SetFocus method call and in this message handler then partially dispatches the WM_SETFOCUS message to the ICefBrowserHost window, which finally sets the focus to the browser window. –  TLama Sep 23 '13 at 21:30

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Thanks for TLama

function CefWndProc(Wnd: HWND; message: UINT; wParam: Integer; lParam: Integer):  Integer; stdcall;
  case message of
        if brows <> nil then
          PostMessage(brows.Host.WindowHandle, WM_SETFOCUS, wParam, 0);
        Result := 0;
      result := DefWindowProc(Wnd, message, wParam, lParam);

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procedure TWinControl.SetFocus;

TCustomChromium = class(TWinControl, IChromiumEvents)

TChromium is a TWinControl.

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