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I am using ”python-bugzilla 0.8.0” for xml-rpc web service of bugzilla 4.2.

Anyone knows how to retrieve field values. i.e. If bugzilla Severity field have following values: Critical, Significant, Medium, Uncritical etc. then how I can get these values via python code ?

getbugfields() method returns the names of the fields but how I could get the values of the fields ?

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Here is a reply from "redhat" (supplier of python-bugzilla tool) that

"*there is no wrapper for what I want. The bugzilla XMLRPC call is 'fields' for bugzilla4+


It can be a work around this by accessing the xmlrpc proxy directly and handling the calls yourself, ex:

import bugzilla
bz = bugzilla.Bugzilla(url="https://bugzilla.kernel.org")

print bz._proxy.Bug.fields({"names" : ["rep_platform"]})

Of course, that's not supported, so it could stop working on you one day, but for personal scripts and stuff it's an alternative.*"

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