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I've got the (Mac)Vim Syntastic plugin installed via Janus. When I open the :Errors window to view the reason for syntax errors, it shrinks the file with the errors to one line and uses the rest of the real estate for the Errors window. First, is there a way to make it hog less room for errors and, more importantly, how do I close just the Errors window? The usual :q closes both the Errors window AND the original file, even if the cursor is in the Errors window. (That's not 100% correct -- it gratefully does not close the file if the file hasn't yet been saved).

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thank you! Really thank you for asking this question –  gideon May 26 at 17:39

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Syntastic uses the location list (a window-local variant of the quickfix list), so a :lclose will close it, but keep the other buffers.

As per syntastic's help pages, the initial height can be configured:

:let g:syntastic_loc_list_height=5

But I suspect that your intrusive Janus distribution has a hand in that. Vim "distributions" like spf-13 and Janus lure you with a quick install and out of the box settings, but you pay the price with increased complexity (you need to understand both Vim's runtime loading scheme and the arbitrary conventions of the distribution) and inflexibility (the distribution may make some things easier, but other things very difficult). Vim is incredibly customizable, using someone else's customization makes no sense.

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Actually, the 'let' command worked as well... I just missed that in the docs (I was focused on the other problem when I checked them). Big thanks! I've certainly come across the advice to drop Janus but its the only reason I'm still using vim (I've tried the 'fresh' approach about a dozen times over a dozen years and just came away hating vim). Unfortunately, it means I ask a bunch of dumb questions here but people have been pretty nice about it, even if my questions are a bit annoying. –  Dave Sep 23 '13 at 15:09

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