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I have the following snippet that works OK but generates an unwanted error if the dataset "Test" does not exist in the hdf5 file which is, in fact, a valid case:

test_data <- h5read('test.h5', 'Test')
if (exists('test_data')) {
   # then read the data
   df_test <- as.data.frame(t(test_data))
   # work with df_test 

and R outputs an error if the dataset does not exist:

 Error in h5read('test.h5', 'Test') : 
   Object Test does not exist in this HDF5 file.
 Execution halted

I would like to gracefully handle this without the R process spitting out sporadic errors.

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Maybe use trycatch ? I suspect part of your confusion is that h5read is the function which is looking for Test , so if it fails, that happens before test_data even gets created. –  Carl Witthoft Sep 23 '13 at 15:09
Indeed using trycatch elegantly solves my OP. Can you please provide a good quality answer based on trycatch and I will accept? The working snippet to replace the first line with would be: tryCatch(test_data <- h5read('test.h5', 'Test'), error = function(e) { print("'Test' dataset not found") }) the rest of the code remains as is since the exists function will do its job. –  Giovanni Azua Sep 23 '13 at 15:23

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OK, I think, based on your comments, that this is the line you want:

Let's assume you've entered the file name as an argument, so:

nextfile<- 'test.h5'

tryCatch(test_data <- h5read(nextfile, 'Test'), error = function(e) { print(paste("'Test' dataset not found in ",nextfile)) })

Then you'll know which file(s) failed. (presumably you have a similar mechanism set up to store each file in a different "test_data" or an element of a list variable test_data[[j]]

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