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Trying to detect and respond to key presses in Python. Am using IDLE and Python 3.3. I have the following code so far

import msvcrt

while True:
   inp = ord(msvcrt.getch())

   if (inp != 255):

I have the IF statement because if I just allow the script to throw out the value of 'inp' it just spoons out 255 repeatedly. So I threw in the if statement to respond to anything but 255 and now when run the code does nothing but output the actual keypress character in the shell.

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What is your question? –  Robᵩ Sep 23 '13 at 16:37
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This is because getch reads the input immediately, it doesn't wait until you type something. When it doesn't receive any input, it will simply return "\xff" (ordinal 255).

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The getch function is designed to work in a console, not in a graphical program.

When you use it in a graphical program it is going to return immediately with \xff.

If you run your program in the reguler python interpreter it will not cause you that problem.

In addition, when you run the loop with the if statement it is running continuously and using a lot more processor time then it needs. In windows the only proper way of doing so is using window messages which sounds like it is overkill for your needs.

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