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When I stop the movie and the MPMovieplayerController is dismissed, I see in my router that the movie is continuing to download. Is this normal?

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This is, of course, not normal. What you can do is make a subclass of MPMoviePlayerController and override the - (void) dealloc function with the following code:

- (void) dealloc
   [super dealloc];
   NSLog(@"My code is fine!");

Replace the MPMoviePlayerController in your code with your new custom subclass. Try watching a movie and dismissing it. If your application does not type My code is fine! into the console when you have dismissed it, then there's something wrong with your code. My guess is that you have assigned the movie player controller to a strong or retain property without setting it to nil. Make sure that (if you have self.movieController) you run self.movieController = nil after dismissing.

Also make sure that you have not added the movie player controller to any array or dictionary.

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