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Basically I am trying to solve the following Definite Integral in Maple from Theta=0 to Theta0=45. I am trying to find an actual numerical value but need to find the integral first. I don't know how to ask Maple to help me solve an integral where there are two different values (theta and theta0) within. All I am trying to do is find the period of oscillation of a pendulum but I have been instructed to only use this method and equation.

From the equation d^2θ/dt^2= -g/L sin(θ) we find:

P = 4 sqrt(L/2g) ∫ (0 to θ0) dθ/sqrt[cos(θ)-cos(θ0)]

L= 1
g= 9.8

To simplify the value before the integral I did the following:


So the integral to solve simplifies to:

P = M ∫ (0 to θ0) dθ/sqrt[cos(θ)-cos(θ0)]

When I try to evaluate the integral by itself I get the error: "Error, index must evaluate to a name when indexing a module". I am trying to figure out how Maple wants me to enter in the integral so it will solve it.

I have tried the following as well as similar combinations of variables:


I can't conceive how to make maple solve the definite integral for me given it is cos(theta)-cos(theta0) in the denominator instead of just one variable. When I try different values for the integral I also get the following error:

Error, index must evaluate to a name when indexing a module

I must be overlooking something considerable to continue getting this error. Thanks in advance for any help or direction! :)

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In Maple procedure application is done using round brackets, so your calls to sqrt should be like sqrt(...) not sqrt[...]. If you want a float result done with numerical quadrature then call it as evalf(Int(...)) noting the capitalization of Int, or make one of the endpoints a float such as 0.0..45.00 say. Note that Maple works with radians, so perhaps you intend a range from 0.0 to Pi/4 rather than to "45". – acer Sep 23 '13 at 21:02

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As acer noted in his comment, maple syntax doesn't use square brackets for functions. The proper syntax for your task is:


Notice that maple works in radians, so I replaced your 45 with Pi/4.

If you need a numerical value you can use evalf:


maple's answer is 2.310196615.

If you need to evaluate with a generic variable theta0, you can define a function as:


Then just call it as, e.g.,


and for a numerical evaluation:

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