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i'm using a string with salt data to Hash a password using BCrypt.Net library.


string src = Salt + UserName + Key + Password
var hash = Bc.HashPassword(src, 12);

When i'm trying to verify the hashed data with a wrong string data (different password for example) , the value BCrypt.Verify(wrongStr,hash) returns is true.

Any Ideas? is there any String's Length Limits?

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bcrypt returns a 60 char string make sure that your filed can handle that

and your verification is wrong you need to utilize boolean!

string myPassword = "password";
string mySalt = BCrypt.GenerateSalt();
//mySalt == "$2a$10$rBV2JDeWW3.vKyeQcM8fFO"
string myHash = BCrypt.HashPassword(myPassword, mySalt);
//myHash == "$2a$10$rBV2JDeWW3.vKyeQcM8fFO4777l4bVeQgDL6VIkxqlzQ7TCalQvla"

bool doesPasswordMatch = BCrypt.CheckPassword(myPassword, myHash);
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