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I'm using play framework 2.1.4 with Guice to inject dependencies to my controllers.

In my tests, I would like to call Helpers.callAction. Though controllers.routes.ref.Mycontroller doesn't know about my action since they are not static.

Is there a way to get the HandlerRef somehow to pass it to callAction ?


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We end up using Jukito https://code.google.com/p/jukito/

It needs to be cleaned (we can create our own helpers for that) but here's the basic idea

public class AuthenticationTest {
    private Authentication authentication;

    private String username = "username";
    private String password = "password";

    public void setupMocks(UserDao mockedUserDao) throws RecordNotFoundException {
        ObjectNode json = Json.newObject();
        json.put("username", username);
        json.put("password", password);

        User mockedUser = mock(User.class);

        Http.RequestBody mockedBody = mock(Http.RequestBody.class);

        Http.Request mockedRequest = mock(Http.Request.class);

        when(mockedUserDao.findByEmailAndPassword(anyString(), anyString())).thenReturn(mockedUser);

        Http.Context.current.set(new Http.Context((long) 1, mock(play.api.mvc.RequestHeader.class),
                mockedRequest, new HashMap<String, String>(), new HashMap<String, String>(),
                new HashMap<String, Object>()));

    public void loginTest(UserDao mockedUserDao) throws RecordNotFoundException {
        FakeApplication app = Helpers.fakeApplication();

        ObjectNode json = Json.newObject();
        json.put("username", username);
        json.put("password", password);


        verify(mockedUserDao).findByEmailAndPassword(anyString(), anyString());
        assertEquals(200, status(result));
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using the scala version would so much easier... github.com/typesafehub/play-guice/blob/master/test/controllers/… –  jackdbernier Oct 18 '13 at 4:04

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