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I have a doubt on how I should write my query on CakePHP. Instead of using the querybuilder from CakePHP I´d like to use the statement query. So I my query is:

SELECT `Post`.id, `Post`.title, COUNT(`Like`.id) AS `Posts_Liked`
FROM posts AS `Post`, likes AS `Like`
WHERE `Post`.id = `Like`.posts_id;

But when I send the result to the View page, I can´t get the count number when calling $post['post']['Posts_Liked'], so how should I call this data in the view?

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Use debug($result); die; in the controller and see if it is what you expecting –  mmahgoub Sep 23 '13 at 17:28

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Aggregation result will not be added to the data array as per the doc

You should either use virtual fields or get the data like this :


you can inspect your data using


to see how your array is structured.

Using virtual fields you could achieve this like this:

$this->Post->virtualfields['Posts_liked'] = 0;
$this->Post->query('SELECT `Post`.id, `Post`.title, COUNT(`Like`.id) AS `Posts_liked` FROM posts AS `Post`, likes AS `Like` WHERE `Post`.id = `Like`.posts_id;');

and then get your data as per usual


If you want it permanent, you should give a try to the counterCache

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Try doing a pr($post); die(); right after making your model call, before it even gets to the view. I'm thinking it may be referenced by $post[0]['Posts_Liked'], since it's an aggregate function. You'll notice that CakePHP puts SUM(), MAX(), COUNT(), etc. in a $result[0]['count']; kind of notation. Hope this helps.

CakePHP's pr() function is much better than print_r, imho.

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