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I'm using Google Maps JavaScript API v3 to automatically find the location of the user and show it on Google map. I use the following source code in my html file.

My problem is that this code works perfectly in Iinternet Explorer and Mozilla but it is not working in Google Chrome. It shows the following error message " Error: The Geolocation service failed". The problem is that Google Chrome is blocked my page from tracking the location. In "manage location setting", I could not add any exception. In content setting/location: I've also allowed all sites to track my physical location but it does not change anything and Chrome is blocked my page from tracking the location anyway.

share|improve this question!topic/chrome/_aGmhjtjb0E[1-25-false] scroll a ways down for help on this...thx

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I can not find the answer to my question in that forum, I think they are talking about another issue. – Zohreh Sh Sep 30 '13 at 14:32

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