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I have this query:

SELECT *, match(tx) against ('+(>rp77* <rp10*) +(>rp30* <rp40*)' in boolean mode) as rel
 FROM mydb.test where match(tx) against ('+(>rp77* <rp10*) +(>rp30* <rp40*)' in boolean mode)
 order by rel desc;

And it returns many rows that don't match at all! And at the same time returned rel is exactly '1' for all those rows. So what am I doing wrong?

What I actually want is to get all the rows that contain at least one from the first couple of words and one from the second couple of words. I thought my expresion would work like this: (rp77* OR rp10*) AND (rp30* OR rp40*) with respective > and < operators, of course, but, obviously, it doesn't work that way!

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