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def creabackuno():
  messagebox.showinfo( "Wait..","I am creating the backup, please wait...")
      messagebox.showinfo( "OK!","Backup (1) created!")
  except OSError as exc:
      messagebox.showerror( "Nope!","There is already a backup to restore")

I have a problem with a progressbar:

The startbar() start the progressbar on the graphic interface, but when start shutil(copytree(path,r"backup\dirbackup1.minecraft")) the interface freezing and the progressbar stop until it finished. thanks

i'm using python 3.3

sorry for my poor english

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copytree is a synchronous function, so all code execution will stop until it's done. Although tkinter is sad not to be thread-safe I recommend that you put that command in another thread:

from thread import start_new_thread as snt
#from _thread import start_new_thread as snt for python 3

def copy(onError,onEnd):
    try: copytree(path,r"backup\dirbackup1\.minecraft")

def onEnd():
    messagebox.showinfo( "OK!","Backup (1) created!")

def onError():
      messagebox.showerror( "Nope!","There is already a backup to restore")

#then call with


Execs onError if it fails and onEnd on success.

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he said, he uses python 3, and thread module in python3 is _thread – Vik2015 Sep 23 '13 at 18:52
You have other solution? this is very difficult to implemented in my code. – SergiX44 Sep 24 '13 at 16:21

What does the progress bar show? If you are trying to show the percent of the file copied then you have to get the total length/bytes of the file first and then update periodically with the number of bytes copied. That would require using "after" to check the size of the copy-to file every so many milliseconds (I think as I am just guessing here, but search first as there has to be someone who has already done something like this.) This is the first link that I found https://mail.python.org/pipermail/tkinter-discuss/2010-December/002613.html It may be more than you want but should help.

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use self.Frame.update_idletasks() after every self.pgBar.step(x) statement,where 'x' stands for the value by which progressbar's value increases

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the progress bar run in indeterminate mode, but when shutil start to copy file the interface freezing – SergiX44 Sep 25 '13 at 16:14

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