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I'm extracting a string from wikipedia API that initially looks like this: link text. I want to peel off all {{...}} and everything in between them (could be any kind of text). For that I thought about using a recursive function with "preg_match","preg_replace". something like:

function drop_brax($text)
    return drop_brax(preg_replace('/{{(.)*}}/','',$text));
    return $text;

This function will not work because of a situation like this:

{{ I like mocachino {{ but I also like banana}} and frutis }}

this will peel off everything between the first occurence of both {{ and }} (and leave out "and frutis }}"). How can I do this properly? (while maintaining the nice recursive form).

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Try something like this:

$text = '...{{aa{{bb}}cc}}...{{aa{{bb{{cc}}bb{{cc}}bb}}dd}}...';
preg_match_all('/\{\{(?:[^{}]|(?R))*}}/', $text, $matches);


    [0] => Array
            [0] => {{aa{{bb}}cc}}
            [1] => {{aa{{bb{{cc}}bb{{cc}}bb}}dd}}

And a short explanation:

\{\{      # match two opening brackets
(?:       # start non-capturing group 1
  [^{}]   #   match any character except '{' and '}'
  |       #   OR
  (?R)    #   recursively call the entire pattern: \{\{(?:[^{}]|(?R))*}}
)         # end non-capturing group 1
*         # repeat non-capturing group 1 zero or more times
}}        # match two closing brackets
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I tried it, so far so good, I'm gonna give it a couple more test. Thank you very much! –  Gal Dec 13 '09 at 14:47
You're welcome Gal. –  Bart Kiers Dec 13 '09 at 14:50

to have this fully recursive you will need a parser:

function drop_brax($str)
	$buffer = NULL;
	$depth = 0;
	$strlen_str = strlen($str);
	for($i = 0; $i < $strlen_str; $i++)
		$char = $str[$i];

		switch ($char)
			case '{':
			case '}':
				$buffer .= ($depth === 0) ? $char : NULL;
	return $buffer;

$str = 'some text {{ I like mocachino {{ but I also like banana}} and frutis }} some text';
$str = drop_brax($str);
echo $str;


some text some text
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I tried both your suggestion and Bart K.'s, evidently his was quicker in performance. Nevertheless thanks a lot for your help! i appreciate it. –  Gal Dec 13 '09 at 14:52

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