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i have a component class

class ChimagesUploadComponent extends Object{

/***************************** * fileModel is the name of the model used if we want to * keep records of uploads in a database. * * if you don't wish to use a database, simply set this to null * $this->FileUpload->fileModel = null; * * @var mixed * @access public */

var $fileModel = 'Image';

/***************************** * uploadDir is the directory name in the webroot that you want * the uploaded files saved to. default: files which means * webroot/files must exist and set to chmod 777 * * @var string * @access public */

var $uploadDir = 'chimages';

and function in app_controller

function getCurrentUser() {

App::import('Component','Session'); $Session = new SessionComponent();

$user = $Session->read('Auth.User');

return $user; }

i want to use this function in my class ChimagesUploadComponent.

the reason is i want to save the images in different folder retrieving the folder name from the function and saving it accordingly i tried with concatinating

in class ChimagesUploadComponent. i did

$logid = $user['district_id'];

and then tried to concatenate it in

var $uploadDir = 'chimages/'.$logid;

as i have different folders in webroot/chimages/12 webroot/chimages/13 etc. please help

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It is better to pass value in argument during the calling of component from controller.

But if you still want to access the Application Controller method then just call using

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Thanks a ton...it worked.. –  Amaz Binayaz Sep 27 '13 at 11:47
Thanks again... –  Amaz Binayaz Sep 28 '13 at 10:27

The following may be the another way to do this is

$Appcontroller= new AppController();

And in this way you can call any controller's function into another one.

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