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I would like to have my web app hide the browser tabs and address bar on Chrome on mobile. document.documentElement.requestFullScreen() seems to have no effect. window.scroll(0,1) doesn't work either on tablets.

If possible, I'd also love a good solution for Chrome and/or Safari on iOS.

Any ideas? I'm on Chrome 29 for Android.

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Check this sample: here

try to use webkitRequestFullscreen()

Also "Lowercased the "S" in requestFullscreen() and changed document.webkitCancelFullScreen() to document.webkitExitFullscreen(). Updated browser compatibility comment." via Let-Your-Content-Do-the-Talking-Fullscreen-API

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It turns out, like many things in browsers, you can only trigger this directly from a touch event handler--no timeouts, no doing it on page load :-( – Ben Dilts Dec 17 '13 at 17:04

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