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I want to submit my app on windows store but due to one error I can't.


Content compliance: failed

The app failed to resume properly from snapped view.

How to sort out this error? I have check here but not able to get proper solution.

enter image description here

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One should keep provisions for snap view in UI. Its in UX Guideline of store app. if its not supported then appropriate view should generated for the same

This Link will helpfull to you

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It doesn't look like your app fluidly adapts to the snapped view. Perhaps that is why it failed.

If you keep the default minimum width of 500 pixels, you do not have to make any special considerations for your app at narrow widths. You simply design your app so that it adapts fluidly when the user resizes the app

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dude can u explain me from the scratch, i am not able to get it . – user2808491 Sep 24 '13 at 9:04

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