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Is there a way to not show a sender's address on the email that gets sent to the signer in DocuSign? Is it possible to just have something like:

From: {picture} Sender's Name

instead of

From: {picture} Sender's Name (

I tried looking in the features, as well as in branding, but no avail. Thank you for any responses.

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You can customize the contents of emails that DocuSign sends by customizing the "Email Resource File" (an XML file that you can download/upload with the "Branding" section of the DocuSign web console). This guide contains information about how to do so:

Note (as specified in the guide) that the ability to modify resource files is a feature that must be enabled for your DocuSign account -- so, if you're not seeing the "Resources" tab within the "Edit Brand" view, then you probably need to contact DocuSign to have it enabled.

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Thank you very much for that answer, it seems to be what I was looking for. Now, I am just trying to get the template/envelope to use that brand. Do you have to use that in with the API call, or is it set in the dashboard. I tried setting document brands, but it seems to not be working. – ZeroHour Sep 23 '13 at 20:30
See "Rules for determining the brandId in an envelope" on page 93 of the DocuSign REST API guide ( (Same logic applies if you're using the SOAP API.) If you're using the REST API, you can set the brandId property in the "Create Envelope" request to specify brand. If you're using the SOAP API, use the BrandId element in the CreateAndSendEnvelope or CreateEnvelope operation to specify brand. – Kim Brandl Sep 23 '13 at 22:08

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