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In the current app I'm building, a user has collections. He/she can email this collection to multiple people. The flow is to click on the email button inside the collection, fill out an input field with emails and a note and then send it. Feel lost as to how to accomplish this. I decided to try and use a Non Active Record Model. Here is what the model looks like right now:

class ClientRequest

  attr_accessor :client_email,

  def persisted?

  def initialize(params = {})
    @client_email = params[:client_email]
    @client_note  = params[:client_note]


Here is the controller for the client request:

class ClientMailerController < ApplicationController

  def email_input_modal
    @client_emails = Client_email.find_by_field(params[:client_email])
    @client_note = Client_note.find_by_field(params[:client_note])


Here is the generated client_mailer:

class ClientMailer < ActionMailer::Base
  default from: "email" #default for all emails

  def collection_send(client)
    mail(to: 'client_email',
         subject: 'A Collection For You',
         body: 'client_note'

Am I on the right track? I am not even sure where/how to incorporate the input fields for the user to fill out; therefore, feeling lost on the "link_to" as well. Please let me know if I could help clarify at all.

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