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I hope someone can help me answer this dilimma I'm having.

I am getting ready to release my new software and its associated content files. Since the File size for the Full version is Huge, I cant use normal software delivery methods. The main download is 450MB and then add-on packs at around 250MB for each add-on product.

So I plan to use Amazon S3 Servers to Host and Deliver Software.

  • Does anyone have any real-life situations on the pro's and cons of this method for the way I want to use the system?
  • Does Amazon S3 offer Resumable downloads?
  • Is there a open source tool that I can use and modify that I can give to my end users to use as a downloader tool, which I can program so that they can download only what they have ordered and also give Expirable download links?
  • Is there a commercial tool thats available for the above task?
  • I need some advise on how I would automate all this for each user. Once a customer finalizes an order, I am ok with manually processing som stuff for delivery, but automated is the best.

thanks everyone. DC

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Check this blog post - should answer all your questions.

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Thank you! I'll read it now... Others comments still appreciated. –  DevCompany Dec 13 '09 at 15:18

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