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I have been developing in rails for the past 1.5 years .. however , I feel my code is not upto the mark , and I still dont fully utilize all that Ruby and Rails have to offer .
I have gone through all the material that is available on the guide site , and have incorporated that in my code . However , every time I see someone else's code , I find out new things about the language like idiomatic syntax etc .
I was wondering if there are some really good code samples of rails that people can refer which would help me speed up my progress in rails . It can be anything , like some open source plugin or a app that has really high code standards .

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You can start from GitHub. There are tons of Rails plugins and apps available. Here's just a few examples:

Plugin authors

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Thanks for the reply . In particular I am looking for suggestions on the plugins that you have personally seen and feel that the code is of high standard . – NM. Dec 13 '09 at 15:38
There are thousands of good plugins out of there. I added a few authors to give you an idea. For each author you can enjoy many different good plugins. – Simone Carletti Dec 13 '09 at 15:52

My favorite and commonly used gem/ Rails plugin is will_paginate. Pagination is pretty common in any web applications.

will_paginate is hosted on GitHub. It works as a standard gem.

If you want to learn about Rails plugin development including how to read the code, you might want to read Plugin Patterns in Rails 2.

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Have a look at Mephisto, a blogging platform written in Rails:

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