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While looking at the Vimeo video post added with tumblr on this development tumblr account, please notice that when hitting the full screen button, the video does not expand to a full screen, but only occupies its own column. This same problem occurs even on each of the columns. A link to this error has been provided.

Problems experienced on a Mac Safari 6.0.5, Mac Google Chrome 29.x. The player plays as intended on a Mac Firefox 23.01

Is this fixable for Google Chrome and Safari on a mac, or is it a problem with masonry, infinite-scroll, or Vimeo embedded players?

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This is a bug in Chrome and Safari when a max-width is applied to the <iframe> (or a parent). Unfortunately, the only way to fix it in Chrome is to avoid defining a max-width. The bug has been fixed in Safari 6.1 and 7 (not released yet).

Here is the Chrome bug report we filed:

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