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I´ve been trying for two days to develop a proxy balancer that:

  1. Receives a requesting HTTP/S URL.
  2. Selectes a Proxy from a list.
  3. Dispatches the requested HTTP/S URL to that target proxy.

I´ve used Node.js plus http-proxy module for that. My first attemp with HTTP URL Request was fantastic, and everything was OK, but doing the same with HTTPs URLS doesn´t work. The code is simple, and I´ve read http-proxy documentation plus some question answers here, but still doesn´t work.

Here is the code:

var https = require('https'),
http = require('http'),
httpProxy = require('http-proxy');

var fs = require('fs');

var addresses = [
    host: 'localhost',
    port: 3128
    host: 'otherIP',
    port: 3128

var httpsOptions = {
  https: {
      key: fs.readFileSync('./ssl/key.pem', 'utf8').toString(),
      cert: fs.readFileSync('./ssl/key-cert.pem', 'utf8').toString()

var proxy = new httpProxy.RoutingProxy({
  target: {
      https: true

var counter = 0;

https.createServer(httpsOptions.https, function (req, res) {      
  var target = addresses.shift();      
  proxy.proxyRequest(req, res, target);

  proxy.on('end', function() {
    console.log('Proxied ('+counter+'). URL='+req.url);

  proxy.on('proxyError', function (err, req, res, counter) {
    res.writeHead(500, {
      'Content-Type': 'text/plain'
    res.end('Something went wrong. And we are reporting a custom error message.');



The code is pretty simple: it creates a HTTPS server listening to 443 port using a self-signed certificate. There is also a RoutingProxy that dispatches the HTTPs URL to the proxy selected from the list. Optional parameters such as https=true are setted.

However, when launching the Node.Js code and configuring Firefox pointing to localhost 443 proxy and then loading, for example, https://www.google.com or https://www.facebook.com doesn´t work: page waits loading and loading and never load and the request never 'enters' into https Server and prints the console.log message.

Can anyone help me, please?

Thank you very much in advance,

Best regards,

  • Luis Cappa
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