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I am aware of the Get-WSManCredSSP function; however, this cmdlet does not work well in a script. This returns a long string similar to the following:

The machine is configured to allow delegating fresh credentials to the following target(s): wsman/*,wsman/*,wsman/*,wsman/*
This computer is configured to receive credentials from a remote client computer.

I cannot easily include this in a script that I am writing, so I'm looking for an alternative way to check CredSSP.

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Can't you consider using this as documented in the CmdLet help: Gets the WS-Management CredSSP setting on the client (<localhost|computername>\Client\Auth\CredSSP).

On a local machine it gives :

(Get-Item  WSMan:\localhost\Client\Auth\CredSSP).value

You can use it like this :

(Get-Item  WSMan:\localhost\Client\Auth\CredSSP).value -eq $false

You can first test if WinRm is available :

(Get-Service -Name winrm ).Status
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I was also struggling with the limitations of the Get-WSManCredSSP output, and found this helper script by Victor Vogelpoel/Ravikanth Chaganti to be really helpful.

Some examples:

Check if current machine has been configured as CredSSP server and/or client:


Check if a specified client machine has been set up for delegation:

Get-WSManCredSSPConfiguration | % { $_.ClientDelegateComputer.Contains('clientcomputername') }
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