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I'm new to both python, pythonbrew and ubuntu. I need python 2.6 and currently have 2.7 on my ubuntu precise system. Searching online revealed that I should not try to uninstall 2.7 as that would pretty much destroy the OS, but get pythonbrew instead, that manages multiple python installations.

I tried installing pythonbrew, but the curl install (curl -kL http://xrl.us/pythonbrewinstall | bash) did not work for me: it was not picking up my http proxy from env, and then not passing it to the install script, once I provided it on the command line. I downloaded the pythonbrew bits manually and then used python setup.py install to install it. I did it as root and it seemed to work (installing under /root/.pythonbrew, which was not the best), however I could not use it as a different user on the system (permission problems). After some more reading I executed the script correctly as root user and it installed pythonbrew to /usr/local/pythonbrew (yay).

Now, when I execute the following as root or non root user, it waits for a while and then the prompt comes back with no error or any other information (--verbose makes no difference):

root@xxx:~/.pythonbrew/scripts/pythonbrew# pythonbrew install 2.6

Any ideas? I'm guessing this has something to do with the proxy again, but I'm completely new to python so any pointers are welcome.

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Following the "which pythonbrew" and doing some guessing the following solved my problem: I changed the curl.py file under /usr/local/pythonbrew/scripts/pythonbrew adding proxy setting to read, readheader and fetch functions as follows:

before modification:

 p = Popen('curl -skL "%s"' % url, stdout=PIPE, shell=True)

after modification:

 p = Popen('curl -x http://<proxy host>:<proxy port> -skL "%s"' % url, stdout=PIPE, shell=True)

I am not sure why there was no output without the proxy setting, but now the install works!

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