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I'm starting a Silverlight 5 control to add some dynamic funcionality to an ASP MVC 4 application.

I'd like the Silverlight control to use browser's cookies when making http requests, so I can share the ASP MVC application's authentication.

I decided to use the recently released portable HttpClient library to make the http requests, because it's new, supports Task based asynchronous calls and I already have a WPF desktop client which uses it, so I can reuse my knowledge.

It appears, however, there is no easy way to make the HttpClient use the browser's cookies.

My first attempt was to use WebRequest.RegisterPrefix and specify WeRequestCreator.BrowserHttp for "http" calls. It appears, however, HttpClient does not use WebRequest underline, or does not care to the RegisterPrefix. Using VisualStudio, I can see that WebRequest has a private static field called portableWebRequestCreator, and I wondered if it was intended to be used by portable Silverlight 5 libraries, as HttpClient. However, even if it did, I cannot change the instance, because it is not exposed and Silverlight does not allow private member reflection.

My next attempt will be to get the current browser cookies with HtmlPage.Document.Cookies, convert them into a CookieContainer, use it with HttpClient, convert the CookieContainer back to a string and update the browser cookies on every call. It however looks like an overkill.

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