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Given this request DTO

public class CreateRecordRequest {
    public Dictionary<string, object> Record { get; set; }

when I call the service passing this JSON

    "Record": {
        "File": {
            "name": "DSC_3493_4_5.jpg",
            "extension": ".jpg",
            "size": 596002,
            "rawFile": {}
        "Notes": "",
        "Type": ""

File has the deserialized value "{". Since ServiceStack has no way of knowing which object File maps to, I'm curious why it doesn't deserialize it as a dictionary ("{" is inexplicable). What is the easiest way to customize deserialization of a single value like this? I'm working with Kendo's upload control and this is the JSON it submits.

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Because it's an object the Serializer doesn't know what type to dehydrate this into, you can force it to use a Dictionary<string,string> with:

JsConfig.ConvertObjectTypesIntoStringDictionary = true;
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If I define a File class, is there an easy way to deserialize it to that, other than copying the dictionary values? –  Daniel Sep 23 '13 at 22:36
Only for reference types where you have an object defined. If the Schema specified a File type instead, it should use that. –  mythz Sep 23 '13 at 22:44

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