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I am developing a portable building framework. On Linux, the framework works perfectly. However on Windows, the framework cannot execute scripts: Windows allows running *.exe and *.com only.

Question: Is there an executable (*.exe or *.com) that:

  1. reads a file having same filename except .exe extension (bar.py.exe -> bar.py)
  2. searches this file on the same directory (C:\dir\bar.py.exe -> C:\dir\bar.py)
  3. parses the shebang of the file (bar.py -> #!/usr/bin/python)
  4. executes the interpreter (python)
  5. passes the name of the script (C:\dir\bar.py or /c/dir/bar.py or /cygdrive/c/dir/bar.py)
  6. also passes its command-line parameters

I do not know how to find a such project...

Below more details to understand better my issue.


My building framework is based on Ant:

<target name="repo.init">
  <exec executable="repo" dir="${dir}">
    <arg value="init"   />
    <arg value="-u"     />
    <arg value="${url}" />

On Windows, Ant (java) cannot find executable repo.

I do not want to mess up the Ant scripts just because of Windows:

<target name="repo.init">
  <exec executable="python" dir="${dir}">
    <arg value="repo"   />
    <arg value="init"   />
    <arg value="-u"     />
    <arg value="${url}" />

Therefore I attempted a batch script running the python script:

$ dir
2013-09-23  10:30       738  repo
2013-09-23  10:31        23  repo.bat
$ type repo.bat
python %~dp0/repo %*

But same error! My colleague specifies cmd when he runs batch file from Ant :(

<target name="repo.init">
  <exec executable="cmd" dir="${dir}">
    <arg value="/c"      />
    <arg value="repo.bat"/>
    <arg value="init"    />
    <arg value="-u"      />
    <arg value="${url}"  />

As my issue is common on various projects mixing external scripts, I am wondering if an elegant solution has already been implemented...

We could use an executable having same name as the script. When this executable is run, it reads the script located on the same directory, parse the shebang and execute this script using the specified interpreter.


C:\dir> dir
 Volume in drive C is OSDisk
 Volume Serial Number is 56A4-E980

 Directory of C:\dir

23/09/2013  17:19    <DIR>          .
23/09/2013  17:19    <DIR>          ..
23/09/2013  17:15            23 535 repo
23/09/2013  17:25            89 521 repo.exe
           2 File(s)        113 056 bytes
           2 Dir(s)  122 670 903 296 bytes free

C:\dir> head -1 repo
Unknown option: 1
C:\dir> powershell -command "& {get-content repo -totalcount 1}"  
#!/usr/bin/env python

C:\dir> repo.exe arg1 arg2
[... --> execute "python C:\dir\repo arg1 arg2" ...]

This is easy to implement (for instance using CreateProcess()). But I would prefer to reuse a similar tool already developed.

I am open to any other ideas solving this issue...

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I finally found, I post here my solution to be useful for others ;)

There are two projects on GitHub:

  • snaury/script-runner --> [script].exe looks for files named [script].ext (where .ext is defined at compile time like .rb, .pl, .tcl or empty) and for every existing [script].ext file, script-runner executes the script using the corresponding interpreter (defined at compile time like ruby.exe, perl.exe, tclsh.exe, tclkitsh.exe). I have forked it and extended to python.

  • CBWhiz/RunHiddenCmd --> [targetfilename].exe passes its command line parameters to local file having same filename ([targetfilename], [targetfilename].cmd, or [targetfilename].bat). RunHiddenCmd uses cmd.exe for .cmd or .bat.

My fork:

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