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I am trying to move select data from an old SQL Server 2000 into an XLS spreadsheet because that's what the customer asked me to do. I am using the Enterprise export feature, which loads a similar GUI compared to the newer SQL Server Management Studio export SQL data wizards. I used a query builder to select my tables, columns, and my conditions. One being a date range.

The code was given to my by the wizard, but it fails to execute because of the datetime syntax error.

I am unsure how to write this one up for the Export wizard in SQL Server 2000. I know the stuff has to be converted, here is the code:

    [Grade].[UserID], [Grade].[InitialDate], [Grade].[InitialGrade], 
    [Grade].[CurrentDate], [Grade].[CurrentGrade], 
    [UserInfo].[FirstName], [UserInfo].[LastName]
    [Grade], [UserInfo]
    [Grade].[UserID] = [UserInfo].[UserID] 
    AND [Grade].[InitialDate] >= '2013-08-27 12:36:30.620000000'
order by 
    [Grade].[UserID], [UserInfo].[FirstName], [UserInfo].[LastName], 
    [Grade].[InitialDate], [Grade].[InitialGrade], [Grade].[CurrentDate], 
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Bad habits to kick : using old-style JOINs - that old-style comma-separated list of tables style was discontinued with the ANSI-92 SQL Standard (more than 20 years ago) –  marc_s Sep 24 '13 at 5:15
You should tell that to Microsoft. –  stu Sep 24 '13 at 14:57

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