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I have an unusual issue that I have ran in to with mvc caching. I have applied the caching attributes to my controller actions. It works nicely on URL's which are standard alphanumeric url's eg.

However the output caching does not work - controller action gets triggered on subsequent requests if the url contains any encoded type letters eg. cyrillicкаран-для

I cant work out why but I suspect some hidden exception is occurring somewhere.

Has any one ran in to this issue before with mvc output caching?

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before down vote for others answer!just read it!i told you lots of browsers not all browsers. and i suggest you to take your time in w3schools basics! – Milad Hosseinpanahi Sep 24 '13 at 16:59
and I suggest you read the question better in future and address the question raised! – amateur Sep 24 '13 at 20:26

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