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I want to fire/send/emit a custom event from inside a Polymer element. For example, I want to convert a normal DOM event like "changed" to a more semantic event like "todoupdated".

This is the HTML that I have:

<polymer-element name="todo-item" extends="li" attributes="item">
      label.done {
        color: gray;
        text-decoration: line-through;
    <label class="checkbox {{item.doneClass}}">
      <input type="checkbox" checked="{{item.done}}">
  <script type="application/dart" src="todo_item.dart"></script>

I want the change events on checkbox to bubble out of the custom element as something more... useful. :)

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Step 1

Capture the change events on the <input>. Notice the on-change below.

<!-- from inside todo_item.html -->
<input type="checkbox" checked="{{item.done}}" on-change="{{change}}">

Step 2

Handle the change event in the custom element code that contains the checkbox.

import 'package:polymer/polymer.dart';
import 'dart:html';
import 'models.dart';

class TodoItemElement extends PolymerElement with ObservableMixin {
  @observable Item item;

  bool get applyAuthorStyles => true;

  void change(Event e, var details, Node target) {
    // do stuff here

Notice the change event handler. That method is run any time the checkbox state changes.

Step 3

Dispatch a custom event.

  void change(Event e, var details, Node target) {
    dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('todochange'));

NOTE: the custom event name must not contain dashes.

Step 4

Listen for the custom event in a parent custom element.

    <template repeat="{{item in items}}" >
      <li is="todo-item" class="{{item.doneClass}}" item="{{item}}" on-todochange="todoChanged"></li>

Notice the use of on-todochange.


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Polymer has a helper method that simplifies firing events

// dispatch a custom event
this.fire('polymer-select', detail: {'item': item, 'isSelected': isSelected});

Additional info:
To make the event available to subscriber that want to add a listener programmatically

// getter
async.Stream<dom.CustomEvent> get onPolymerSelect =>

// private EventStreamProvider
static const dom.EventStreamProvider<dom.CustomEvent> _onPolymerSelect =
    const dom.EventStreamProvider<dom.CustomEvent>('polymer-select');

subscribe to the event programmatically instead of declaratively:

($['#ps'] as PolymerSelect) // get the children and cast it to its actual type
    .onPolymerSelect.listen((e) => print(e['isSelected'])); // subscribe
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